Phonec2 Update Log


Phonec v2.3 update

  • New Melt System with HFO integration
  • New Filter variations + a new Acid Filter
  • Filter Saturation Driver
  • Highpass Filter Tracking
  • Randomizers are now MIDI assignable
  • Oscillator Harmonics Reduction
  • Dotted note echoes
  • EchoShifter timing has been improved
  • All LFOs now start with the same phase on host play.
  • Arp Hold can also function as note hold
  • Sub-Presets for key sections
  • Improved Patch Management
  • Load/Save MIDI cc maps
  • Note Memory Mode can be turned off
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements


Phonec v2.2.1 update

  • Fixed an issue with patches not loading and saving properly in some hosts


Phonec v2.2 update

  • New Chorus effect with Melt functionality
  • New 3-band Parametric EQ
  • New Pan-tracking
  • New waveforms: Bell and Ramp
  • New LFO targets: Logic,
  • New Mod Envelope targets: Logic, Osc1/2/Sub/Noise Levels
  • New Arp and Seq timings and 1/2 switches
  • Improved slider/knob sensitivity
  • Fixed: Clipping noise with Echoshifter
  • Demo version now has longer time in between dropouts
  • Windows: Banks folder now installs into Public/Documents


Phonec v2.1 Update

  • New and improved GUI
  • Improved filter
  • 12/24db option
  • 3-stage switch
  • Filter separation between 3rd stage
  • HPF resonance switch
  • Improved resonance response
  • Gain can now be pre/post filter
  • Gain clipping improvments
  • Filter can now follow amp envelope
  • New copy/paste functions on Oscillator and FIlter sections
  • New Logic control for And/Or/Xor modes for fine-tuning logic switching point
  • Modwheel can now follow Aftertouch controls
  • New Pitchbend Range selector
  • New randomization switch for internal Melt settings
  • Volume set lower on default patchbank
  • New INIT patchbank to call up 128 initialized patches