If you have any questions or comments regarding Psychic Modulation plugins, please use the Offical Support Forum.

Or contact me directly.


Q: Are any of your plugins available for Mac?

A: Yes. Phonec 2 is available for both Mac and Windows as a 32 & 64 bit plugin. I plan to make all future Psychic Modulation plugins available for Mac as well.


Q: I want to buy a selection of plugins that arent available as a pack, can I replace one plugin for another if they are the same price?

A: Of course, just send me an email and we'll work out the details.


Q: Where is the manual located once the plugin is installed?

A: On Windows, the manual will be located alongside wherever the plugin is installed. On Mac, the manual is located in: Users/Shared/EchoMelt/

Latest Updates

Phonec v2.3

EchoMelt v2.0

Dubtron v2.0

Construct v1.0

Aethereal v1.2.1

Latest News


Phonec Updated to v2.3

  • New Melt System with HFO integration
  • New Filter variations + a new Acid Filter
  • Filter Saturation Driver
  • Highpass Filter Tracking
  • Randomizers are now MIDI assignable
  • Oscillator Harmonics Reduction
  • Dotted note echoes
  • EchoShifter timing has been improved
  • All LFOs now start with the same phase on host play.
  • Arp Hold can also function as note hold
  • Sub-Presets for key sections
  • Improved Patch Management
  • Load/Save MIDI cc maps
  • Note Memory Mode can be turned off
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements

More info here.



EchoMelt Updated to v2.0

  • Fixes an issue with VST ID conflict.
  • Randomize switches for each effect section.
  • Single/Dual switches for Echo controls.
  • Clicking Rate, Length and Shift will constrain the dual controls to one control.
  • Echo Input(send) Control.
  • Load/Save MIDI CC Map.
  • Chorus Melt speed can now be controlled via Melt Speed 1.

More info here.



EchoMelt Multi-FX Unit released

Audio Melting Multi-FX unit designed for adding character, texture and warmth to your sounds. More info here.



Synth Bass for Phonec released

A collection of 128 high quality bass patches. More info here.



Phonec v2.2.1 bugfix

  • Fixed an issue with patches not loading and saving properly in some hosts



Phonec updated to v2.2

  • New Chorus effect with Melt functionality
  • New 3-band Parametric EQ
  • New Pan-tracking
  • New waveforms: Bell and Ramp
  • New LFO target: Logic
  • New Mod Envelope targets: Logic, Osc1/2/Sub/Noise Levels
  • New Arp and Seq timings and 1/2 switches
  • Improved slider/knob sensitivity
  • Fixed: Clipping noise with Echoshifter
  • Demo version now has longer time in between dropouts
  • Windows: Banks folder now installs into Public/Documents

Read more here



Phonec has been updated to v2.1

This update has several new features and improvments.

  • New and improved GUI
  • Improved filter
  • 12/24db option
  • 3-stage switch
  • Filter separation between 3rd stage
  • HPF resonance switch
  • Improved resonance response
  • Gain can now be pre/post filter
  • Gain clipping improvments
  • Filter can now follow amp envelope
  • New copy/paste functions on Oscillator and FIlter sections
  • New Logic control for And/Or/Xor modes for fine-tuning logic switching point
  • Modwheel can now follow Aftertouch controls
  • New Pitchbend Range selector
  • New randomization switch for internal Melt settings
  • Volume set lower on default patchbank
  • New INIT patchbank to call up 128 initialized patches

Read more here



Phonec v2.0 has been released!.

Read more here




Last week to get Cerebrum before it's gone.

This discount is available for one week only, ending on October 31st.



Thank you to everyone who participated in the Phonec v2.0 fundraiser! Although the goal wasn't reached, Phonec v2 will still be developed regardless. A solid timeline and more details to soon follow.

Thank you all for your support!



The funding campaign for Phonec v2.0 has officially launched!

Access the page here, where you can pre-order Phonec v2.0 or reserve your upgrade from v1x.

There are several other funding options with various 'goods' provided.