Psychic Modulation creates VST and Audio Unit plugin synthesizers, drum machines and effects for Mac and Windows based host applications such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Reaper, Sonar and FL Studio. Psychic Modulation plugins are geared towards the experimental elecronic musician or anyone who wants something out of the ordinary to use in thier music. Ambient vector synthesizers, drum machines with random probability, and a quirky 'analog flux synthesizer' inspired by the sound of worn out VHS tapes are only some of the music machines you will find on these pages. You will also find a wide range of freeware to choose from.

The Psychic Modulation support forum is hosted by KVRAudio here.

Other projects include:

My music project Phonogeist, which you can hear on soundcloud. Check out my latest album release 'Postmodern Sunsets' on Bandcamp.

Phonogeist has a somewhat active Tumblr blog, posting all sorts of wierd and inspiring imagery.

Psychic Modulation Home Studio